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Klaiér Skin Care Solutions is a company that revolves in beauty and skin care products. Our products are mostly organic and without strong chemicals which are imported from Korea. It was first introduced in the Philippines and desires to expand more to reach a mass audience.


Over the months, the company has grown steadily to expand the product range and explore the markets in the Philippines. Klaiér has built up a very famous reputation and enjoys good selling in Asia. Thousands of customers are now using Klaiér products continuously, witnessing the products’ superior quality and instant effect. Our products reflect our commitment to high feature excellence, effective results and value for buying. Our company have decided to expand our desire to introduce our exquisite products here in the Philippines while supporting Filipinos who wants to start up a small business through re-selling as we value this support and endeavor. And now, through maintaining strong links and providing the best customer service possible, we can achieve this objective.


To ensure the complete satisfaction of our customer by giving genuine glow at a very reasonable price and maintain the quality and efficiency of the product.


To continually help Filipinos in starting up a business at a low cost and be the largest distributor of skin care products not only in the Philippines but all over the world.  

For any immediate concerns and queries, you may contact us at +63916 (931) 1997 or send us an email at klaier.ph@gmail.com